API Trailers is a dealer and manufacturer of mobile office trailers, modular buildings and cabin trailers.

  As a dealer with a large fleet of office trailers/modular buildings, we understand the value of our fleet is directly related to the longevity, and quality of the product we produce.

Because of our years of experience manufacturing our fleet of office trailers and modular buildings we have developed a building process utilizing the finest quality, time tested building materials.  The result is a modular building, custom office trailer or cabin built to our customer’s specifications, delivered in a timely manner and set up on site to stand the test of time.

All of our office trailers and modular buildings are manufactured to California  Department of Housing & Community Development building codes and are A.D.A. compliant.

office trailer manufacturing

Our method of pre-fabricated construction and our experience manufacturing attractive, functional office trailers, modular buildings, and cabins for a variety of uses is proven by our customer satisfaction.

The Process:

  • Contact API Trailers with your requirements to begin the trouble free process of manufacturing your custom modular building, modular home, office trailer or cabin.
  • API Trailers will outline an initial floor plan and discuss your vision and how we can best accommodate your needs.
  • A timeline for construction and delivery of your office trailer, modular building, modular home or cabin will be agreed upon.
  • We will provide you with a bid, determine and agree upon a cost for your project, and sign a contract agreement.
  • Your new pre-fabricated office trailer, modular building, modular home or cabin will be delivered and our professional crew sets your building to your specifications.

From first contact to completion API Trailers manages your project from vision to reality.