Project Description

UCSB was in need of a new student bike shop. A two piece modular building, built, delivered, set and finished by API was a fast solution to their needs. Set in the middle of campus for student to use, this two piece factory built, completely green building is serving busy UCSB students.

Need more space.

USCB students were in need of a new and improved bike shop.

Green, in all ways!

API helped design and build a totally green space for all their needs.

Organized & efficient.

The bike shop was a huge success on the UCSB campus.

Thanks again for your diligence and attention to detail and quality on the Bike Shop. You’ve got a great crew. Please pass it on that the building looks great and the project is well received. When the opportunity presents itself, I have it in mind to get you involved in one of our projects, something contemporary, green and innovative with solar.
Howard Wittausch, Architect & Civil Engineer, Santa Barbara, CA